Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Order of the Derby, Minus the Bermanisms Please

Today is a good day. A lot of exciting things are happening lately and even more prospects are on the horizon. Not to mention, I'm still elated that Billy Packer is not returning to CBS.

It's Tuesday. That means you can go buy a CD if ya know, you like music. My pick of the day is The Hold Steady. They've been around a while but have just recently started to get noticed nationally. And if Daniel Radcliffe likes them, count me in.

Josh Hamilton. That was stupid good. My chills got progressively more pronounced as I was watching the Home Run Derby last night. Who cares if he didn't win? People will remember that display for a very long time. It definitely didn't take him very long to win over the predominantly Yankee crowd as they started chanting "Hamilton!" over and over. I mean, you can't help but root for someone like that. If you want to read an amazing story, here ya go. I thought Peter Gammons said it best last night during the broadcast. He said something to the effect of America is not flawless. It's filled with imperfect people and people struggling all the time. Josh Hamilton is a great testimony that you can turn your life around after staring straight at death with no hope in sight. And his wife. His wife that stuck with him throughout the whole ordeal and prayed for him to recover. It gives me chills right now thinking about it. Not to mention he is fairly proficient at hitting a baseball.

I feel like that's all I have to say. Too much to do and not enough time. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

You also can't forget Chase Utley saying "F You" to the Yankee crowd on camera