Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where's Thomas Wayne When You Need Him?

Tomorrow embarks the beginning of my submissions to a weekly feature in the Current section of the Paducah Sun. Me, along with several other bloggers from around town will write a short piece as a response to a prompted question every Thursday in the paper. Thanks to Adam Shull for asking me to participate. So, since there's a plug for the website and all I figured maybe I should actually behave like a blogger and write today. Crazy concept I know.

Since the last time we talked I really only have two short stories to share. And also perhaps gloat about the Cubs' predictable demise in the playoffs. So last week I received a call in my studio from an elderly lady named Fay. The ZZL line is apparently only one digit away from a drugstore nearby so every once in a while we'll get calls that were meant to be directed to them. So my friend Fay calls me up and I explain to her that is was not the drugstore, rather a radio station. Here is our exchange:

Cale: I'm sorry ma'am. You have the wrong number. This is a radio station.
Fay: OOOOOOOhhhhhh!!! I'm on the radio!!!?????!!!
Cale: No, sorry ma'am. This is just the studio line. We're not actually on the radio right now.
Fay: I've never been on the radio before. My grand kids are never going to believe this! What kind of music do you play?
Cale: Well, we play rock music. Do you like to rock out?
Fay: Oh yes. I can't believe this! Hold on while I get a piece of paper so I can write your name down...... Ok, spell your name.
Cale: C-A-L-E.
Fay: Are you giving anything away?
Cale: Not really. But I can give you a free lunch if you come see me.

The rest of the story is a little personal. We seriously flirted for about 20 minutes. I asked her if she dates much and she said that her grand kids don't allow her to date, but she would love to sneak me out and take me to lunch. I asked if she likes to dance and she said that she used to do the Jitterbug. We agreed that she would teach me the Jitterbug and I would teach her how to get low. We talked about Chicago since we both lived near the same area. She told me about her kids, her grand kids. I told her about my niece's birthday and mine coinciding and my trip to Georgia. I gave her the number to the drugstore she was looking for and asked if she could bring me a Powerade because I was thirsty. So, Fay, if you're reading - your free lunch is waiting. Stop on by anytime. As soon as I get off work, we'll go to O'Charley's and talk some more. After I told this story to people they all mentioned that I probably made her day. Maybe. But I'm also positive that my friend Fay made my day as well.

That was the cool story. The disheartening story was that I fell off my bike Monday morning. Just ate it. Like a little boy. Like a sad little boy. I had a flat tire on my car so I had to ride my bike to work and I was trying to get out of the way of a tractor trailer and I just crashed. I went about four different directions before I finally fell and if anyone saw this incident, you're welcome. I'm sure it was hilarious. The part that's not hilarious? A skinned knee and wrists that look like I'm recreating a MTV: True Life episode about cutters. I felt really dumb, but this was not the first time I've had an accident on a bike in my adult years. Go figure. Ya know, because I did a great job of staying injury-free in high school. For those of you who know me, you know that's a joke. Anyway, I'm all bandaged up and feeling much better now. Thank you. I do need some comfort though. I very well may participate in next week's national holiday. It's ok if your teddy bear has a Cardinals jersey. Everyone knows that.

Alright, check out the paper tomorrow. Have a great day!


granny2five said...

Your Grandma Ellis (similar to Fay, I'm sure) was very concerned about your well-being after hearing about your bicycle accident. By the way, my middle name is Faye, does that count for a free lunch?

Joanne Whatever said...

Is William Sledd contributing to the paper to?!

Joanne Whatever said...


LissaLou said...

I'm sorry to hear about your accident, happy to hear you made Fay's day, and wondering if there will be a link somewhere on your blog to your newspaper editorial. :o)

LissaLou said...

BTW, I'm sure you truly did make Fay's day - you're such a sweetie!