Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beat Addiction, Not Your Phone

I'm at the station today, even though I'm not working. I feel very productive. I'm working on a project, about to go to the park for a run, and am planning on cleaning my kitchen tonight. I'm trying to get my mind off that dumb dumb dumb dumb Texas corner who had an interception in the bag and dropped the easiest ball ever. #1 to #5. I guess it could be worse. There's no chance that Alabama remains undefeated and their win over Georgia doesn't look so impressive anymore due to the beating they took yesterday against Florida. I think I'm just venting.

And I would like to congratulate my phone for not blowing up in 57 different pieces after I abused it last night. It never has to take me back but it always does. Love shall prevail. But I promise that I'll be better. I just get a little crazy sometimes, but I can't imagine a life without it. Except for of course that I ordered a new phone on the internet a few weeks back. But let's keep that secret between me and you.

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Joanne Whatever said...

Sorry about the Texas loss...consider this your reminder to buy stamps.