Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jet Setting

Everyone has an opinion about Brett Favre. SportsCenter has interviewed about everyone imaginable about their thoughts. I wrote that like SportsCenter has the ability to interview people. Correction: There have been several interviews profiled on SportsCenter where random athletes and talking heads have given us their opinion about Brett Favre's situation and his latest trade to the New York Jets. It does sound weird, I have to admit. Brett Favre as a New York Jet. When I was growing up, St. Louis didn't have a NFL franchise. So I grew up a Packers fan. Even after the Rams came to town, I still secretly rooted for the Packers if they weren't playing St. Louis. Although it was a bit painful to watch Brett's lousy performance in the 2002 playoff game. So now the question I have to answer for myself is have I rooted for the Green Bay Packers all these years or actually just Brett Favre? Yeah, you can call me John Madden and accuse me of having a man crush like so many other media types. Actually, do call me John Madden. I'm thinking less for the video game, sweet bus ride, the Super Bowl ring - I envy the turducken. No one ever cooks turducken for me. He mentions it one time during a Thanksgiving game and the man now has turducken at his beckoning call. One meats, two meats, three meats, sweet. Fuzzy Zoeller calls in and mentions he is less pleased to have a food mention tied to his name. Anyway, I wish Favre success. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a Joe Namath situation. Meaning his days with the L.A. Rams, not his Suzy Kolber debacle. Speaking of Suzy Kolber, do you think that she is upset that her YouTube clip is the defining moment of her career? Veronica Corningstone did so much for women broadcasters and poor Suzy was just trying to carry the torch. Now she has to live with this moniker for the rest of her life.

Well I had more planned for today, but we'll get to it tomorrow. Call it a Friday smorgasbord.

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Granny2Five said...

It must be a genetic thing, but this post makes no sense to me at all!! I'm much too far removed from the sport's scene; and it's apparent when I read your musings. I LOVE the way you write, though, so I'll keep reading anyway.