Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olympics Make Me Hungry For Fried Rice

I started writing a new blog yesterday afternoon and then I realized that the Cards/Cubs game was a matinee. That obviously took precedence. Jim Edmonds is not one of my favorite persons in the world right now.

The Olympics' Opening Ceremonies were last night. Well, at least the spectacle was aired on NBC last night. Let's all agree as a nation that whenever NBC shows us Olympics coverage that it is being aired live. I would like to think that whenever I'm watching Chinese dancers draw calligraphy on a giant LCD screen I'm watching the performance at the same time as my friends in Shanghai. This has been said before by others, but the Olympics are interesting to me. For one, it's supposed to be about sports and competition but it turns into a political firestorm instead. And I'll say it. It's ridiculous that China was awarded the Olympics. It really is. You can talk about global harmony all you want, but the IOC has turned into... (turned into, or just remained?) an organization that turns a blind eye on human rights and other key issues and grabs top dollar. If I was Jacques Rogge, however, I would have probably done the same thing if I would have known that the stadium's ceiling was going to be a giant TV screen. The Chinese are so good at technology!! Sandra Oh fans now have a new spot they want to watch Grey's Anatomy. This just in. Sandra Oh is not Chinese, rather Korean-Canadian. Oh. Also, I find it curious that we root for Greco-Roman wrestlers, badminton players, and our archery team just because they're from America. Listen, I'm all about nationalism and patriotism and every other kind of pro-American 'isms out there. However, I don't subscribe to the theory that just because I was born in America every other country is the bad guy and we should dominate them to the point that Moroccans break down and cry due to our undying need for supposititious sports supremacy. Say that five times fast. The Olympics do give us fantastic photos like this however.
Kings of Leon has been one of my favorite bands for a few years now. They just released two new songs from their upcoming album on their MySpace page this week. Check them out if you have time. Their album comes out on September 23rd and anyone that knows me really well is already sick of me talking about it. My birthday is September 27th by the way. Consider this a formal gift suggestion.

I think it would be cool if parents named their baby girl Karma and she turned out to be a really sweet girl.

All I got for this Saturday. Enjoy the Olympics. Enjoy life. Be good to others. See ya next week!


Joey Jo Jo said...

September 27th? You are so much older and wiser than I am.

granny2five said...

Hey, I actually understood this post. Did, however, have to get out my dictionary on that one suppos++++ word. You are one stinkin' good writer!

Cale Simmons said...

Ha! What you don't know is that I just copy and paste articles from the internet. Half the time, I don't know what I'm talking about either...