Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Never Call, You Never Write

Hi again. I saw my parents over the weekend. They're fine, thanks. I spent most of the weekend in Marion catching some baseball and participating in a family reunion. Although a lot of times family reunions are more like unions for me. There's a good bit more of unionizing than re-unionzing because I always end up meeting random family members. It's good to do this kind of thing though because then it won't be as awkward if any of them wins the lottery. I'd rather not come out of the woodwork as so many people say, but instead just walk out of the shed in their backyard and say "Remember me? We met briefly at a family reunion. Give me money now please. I have to go home and shower because I've been staying in this poorly ventilated shed for a really long time."

All I've been able to think about for the last few days is getting a dog. There are a few problems with this dream. a) I know absolutely nothing about dogs. b) I live in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. c) I'm afraid that I'll buy a really cute puppy and he or she will turn on me and not even really like me all that much. I wish I was joking. I just want to rescue a cute dog and let it become my best friend and help me pick up women. I don't think that's too much to ask for. So, whenever I move out of my apartment (Paducah or non-Paducah) this will be a top priority. Wikipedia has taught me a lot about dogs so far but I still have a lot to learn. Maybe after all this research I'll just be dog tired of the whole thing and move on to my next Animotion's Obsession.

I had more to say today, but football talk took over this afternoon. Football is not my favorite sport to watch, but I'm ready for it to be back in my life. We don't talk much, football and I, but I feel like every time that we're together it's like we just pick right back up from where we left off and I think that's why I value our friendship so much.

More to come later in the week.


Joey Jo Jo said...

I'm jealous that your family voluntarily reunites.

LissaLou said...

Dogs do great things to make connections with lots of people, but I'm sure he or she would be great for your magnetism toward women, too. :o) And remember, I knew nothing about dogs either before I got mine, and he's my friend now for sure!

Blessed Mama said...

You crack me up! The whole shed thing just makes me laugh.

Busy Momma said...

I'll hang in the shed with you... if you'll pretend I was at the family reunion, too... Can't wait for you to come home for a visit!