Monday, August 4, 2008

Racecar Spelled Backwards Is Racecar

This weekend I worked at the Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway selling concessions. There were no races, rather monster trucks. Let me just tell you, Gravedigger is the man if trucks were men. Most people think automobiles are females, but trucks probably have a bit of an Alexis Arquette thing going on. They just want people to see them for who they are and I guess I can appreciate that. Anyway, this reminded me of the time that my dad took me to see monster trucks in St. Louis when I was in high school. As my sister described last week, my dad was great about taking his kids individually to different events or just for a cup of ice cream. (It's funny that we make such a big deal about him doing things with us separately. You would think we all hated each other and didn't want to hang out with siblings, which isn't the case at all.) So we go to the monster truck event at the dome in St. Louis. I'm pretty sure my dad knew at this point in my life that I wasn't really interested in cars/trucks/racing. I still have to call him to remind me how to put windshield wiper fluid in my car. But he probably wanted to go and thought it might look weird for him to go by himself. So I went. Because that's what good sons do. And we're talking the legitimate good sons, not the Macaulay Culkin types. I'm all watching with intent because I've never even see this kind of thing on TV. For one, we didn't have cable until I was 18 years old and I was too busy reading about J.D. Drew's latest injury on St. Louis sports message boards anyway. I remember actually enjoying the spectacle although I'm a bit ashamed now of rooting for Gravedigger. I mean, that's kind of like rooting for the Yankees or the Harlem Globetrotters. All the Washington Generals do is show up to play and they get hosed by the refs every time. Wait a minute... Have we found a job for Tim Donaghy after jail time? So basically the moral of the story is no matter how dumb you think something is, you should hang out with the people you love anyway. You might actually enjoy it or at the very least see some fantastic mullets. Ya know, if you're going to a monster truck event and all. You get what I'm saying.

I lost a bet over the weekend and now I have to find a Phillies shirt to wear. This does not excite me. All morning I've been looking for an older Scott Rolen or Pete Rose jersey and have had a heck of a time. I think I'm going to go with an old school 1980 World Series champion shirt. I was thinking Ryan Howard since he is from St. Louis, but even for a day I can't bring myself to wearing a jersey of a guy that beats the Cards so bad he could probably hit homers with his eyes closed at this point. Joe Carter calls in and says he would like to wear Mitch Williams' jersey.

Oh, and monopoly is my new board game craze. I just felt that you should know. Good day.