Wednesday, September 17, 2008

But Seriously, What Did She Say?

Several people have brought to my attention that if I just stop rambling so much maybe I would have enough time to post blogs more frequently, rather than trying to compete with Tolstoy every time I post. Well thanks for telling me how to operate my blog! I'm kidding of course. It's actually flattering to hear that at least 3 people want more of Cale's Corner. I just stole the power of 3 from American Pie 2 just there. And it's totally true by the way. Colleges and their promiscuous girls! And while we're at it, cite me another example of someone using Tolstoy and American Pie 2 in the same paragraph. 10 Schrutebucks says you can't do it.

Yesterday I busted out a "that's what she said". I do make fun of The Office, but it does make me laugh. Enjoy the video:

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