Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When In Athens...Yes?

I figured I would give a bit of a short recap about last weekend. Right after work on Friday Scotty G and I made the 7 hour trip down to Athens, GA for the weekend. 7 hours, unfortunately, turned into 8.5 hours because Scotty has the smallest bladder known to mankind and also they don't believe in selling gas at gas stations in Georgia. I'm pretty sure we got the last bit of gasoline south of Atlanta on our way down and it was pure luck. There's some kind of shortage going on and several people were going to be stranded in Athens after the game until more gas became available. I'll tell you one thing though. It's not a bad town to be stranded. It's relatively small, but a college town for sure. We went downtown on Friday night after we arrived and I had never seen so many people just walking around on a strip. There were even lines for falafels.

Saturday we walked all over the campus and ended up tailgating right in front of the library. Yeah, how awesome is that? I had been to one SEC game before and I laugh every time. This is people's religion. Some of the tents set up to grill out and have a good time all day before the evening game were ridiculously ornate. The outfits were incredible. A lot of the guys dress up, with their clown look-a-like red Georgia pants and all the girls get dolled up. It's a different culture for sure. But I loved it. Every single minute. We didn't actually get to go to the game because it was a big game against Alabama, who put the whoopin' on, so scalped tickets were pretty sky high. But we did a pretty good job of enjoying ourselves and it was a great 25th birthday. Thanks to everyone who texted, called, and left messages. You're pretty cool.

I probably told Moon an awesome joke.
Game Day.
He had an extra seat open.
My friend Kevin.
The Blackout in full effect. Kind of awesome this was right in front of the library.

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